Dr Matthew Thompson is in recovery (from writing books) but has a nasty new habit. 


After doing his and everybody else around him's head in while working on his last dirty little paperback, MAYHEM: The Strange And Savage Saga Of Christopher BADNE$$ Binse, Dr Thompson is now writing a screenplay of his blistering account of Australia's equally and brutally pigheaded systems of crime and punishment.


When not pushing genres, forms, and sanity to beautiful extremes, Dr Thompson dabbles in essays and journalism, explores the culture and conflicts of the southern Philippines, teaches at universities ("never follow my example", he tells students, and “if you wholeheartedly embrace writing then there will be casualties”), gives public talks, and occasionally works as a professional firefighter and rescue operator.


Before MAYHEM, Dr Thompson wrote two books of international reportage: the bestselling My Colombian Death and its acclaimed sequel, Running with the Blood God.


Researching these books found Dr Thompson hiking into bamboo forests to dine with Filipino guerrillas, sprinting from Iranian riot police and burning rubber outside Iran's most notorious prison, taking part in traumatic ceremonies with a Colombian shaman and exploring the country's then-paramilitarised street life, touring Kosovo drunk with Serb nationalists, weeping inconsolably at a Pow Wow in Portland, Oregon, and much more.


Dr Thompson has worked and written for a range of websites, newspapers and magazines, edited book manuscripts, and has written and produced radio/podcast documentaries. He enjoys public speaking and has many powerful and important true tales to tell.


Born in Portland, Oregon, USA, Dr Thompson lives in the little Australian town of Dungog. He is a Doctor of Creative Arts. New York University’s Director of Literary Reportage, Robert Boynton, examined his dissertation.

Matt Thompson checks for hot spots in the smoking ruins of a house which he did not burn down.



Matt Thompson in Jolo Town, Sulu, southern Philippines, on the eve of the scheduled beheading of German hostages.